Constitution and By-Laws
The Hubs Square Dance Club
January 4, 2005

Article I – Name

The name of this non-profit organization shall be “The Hubs Square Dance Club.”

Article II – Purpose and Object

The purpose and object of this club shall be the promotion of square dancing on a fun level and the fostering of a spirit of good fellowship among square dancers.

Article III – Membership

1.   Prospective members must have completed 60 hours of lessons or the equivalent.

   2.  Prospective members must be sponsored by a member in good standing.

3.  Prospective members should adhere to requirements as stated on membership

        application form, per By-Laws Addendum # 1.

4.  Couples or single persons may be accepted as members.

5.  The Governing Body will pass on the acceptance or rejection of eligible

       prospective members, except those who have graduated from a Hubs     sponsored series of lessons. These approved prospects shall be accepted upon receipt of  written membership application and dues.

6.   Members may be suspended or expelled from the club in the following   manner:

      a.   A written and signed complaint must be made individually by three club

            members charging conduct unbecoming of another club member.
       b.  Any club member so charged shall have a hearing before the Governing Body, which will determine the action to be taken.

Article IV – Meetings and Dues

1.   The club shall hold a minimum of four meetings per year, with additional meetings

       as deemed necessary by the Governing Body.

2.    Non-members will be allowed to attend regular club dances and pay admission

       at  the door. Members can pay a yearly membership fee plus admission at the

       door, or prepay for the entire year, which includes all club dances, except student

       dances. Rates will be set as required to reflect current cost. Payment must be

       made by the last dance in September.

Article V – Administration

1. President
  Presides at general membership meetings and officers’ meetings.
    b.  Appoints and/or dissolves special committees.
    c.  Acts in temporary emergencies.
    d.  Is the decision authority on business matters not specifically covered by the


2. Vice-president
     a.  Assumes the duties of the president in the absence of the president.
     b.  Is responsible for the distribution of club publicity, including notices of

          club-sponsored activities to local news media and square dance publications,

           unless otherwise designated.
     c.  Will schedule callers and cuers for the next unscheduled dance year.
     d.  Will contact callers and cuers one week prior to dance, unless otherwise


3. Secretary
     a.  Maintains minutes of general membership meetings and officers’ meetings.
     b.  Maintains a roster of standing and special committees’ membership, whose

          names will be supplied by committee chairpersons.
     c.  Maintains a copy of the club Constitution and By-Laws and the official club

          membership packet.
     d.  Is responsible for club correspondence.
     e. Will notify club members one week prior to meeting date unless otherwise


4. Treasurer
     a.  Is responsible for receiving and disbursing all club funds.
     b.  Maintains written records of all receipts and disbursements. The records shall

          be in order and subject to an annual audit.
     c.  Maintains an account at a local bank. Signatures of either the President or the

         Treasurer shall be necessary for disbursement of checks.
     d.  Maintains an official membership roster.
     e.  Will notify members when membership fees are due.

5. Refreshment Chairman
    a.  Selects members to carry out refreshment duties.
    b.  Is responsible for refreshment activities at all club functions.

6. Governing Body
    a.  Composed of the officers of the club.
    b.  Term of office for the Governing Body (officers) shall be one year, beginning at

          the summer meeting.

7. Other
     Officer positions may be occupied by a couple (if so elected) – each having the full

     authority of the position. Likewise, when circumstances dictate, the office may be

     shared with Co-Officer(s), if elected with this understanding.

Article VI – Nominations and Elections

1.  A nominating committee composed of 3 to 5 persons shall be appointed by the

     Governing Board in January and shall present a slate of prospective officers at the

     general meeting in March. Additional nominations may be accepted from the floor.

2.  Five officers shall be elected to serve for a term of one year. President,
     Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Refreshment chairman.

3.  Voting shall be by unanimous acceptance of the new slate or by secret ballot by the
     general membership at the March membership meeting.

4.  Nominees receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall assume that

     office at the summer meeting.

5.  In the event a vacancy occurs in an office, the Governing Body shall appoint a club

     member to fill the vacancy.

Article VII – Amendments

These by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 majority of members present at a general membership meeting. The entire membership must be notified at least one week in advance that an amendment is to be considered at a meeting.

Article VIII – Guests

Guests are welcome to attend club dances.

Article IX – Club Dances

Regular club dances shall be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month, September through the second Saturday in June. Special summer dances can be held if and when desired.

Article X – Callers Schedules

No caller will be booked for more than three scheduled dances in the dance year.


     Hubs Square
Dance Club cordially extends to you an invitation to join our group, which dances at the plus level.
     Our first members originally came from the Broken Wheel Square Dance Club. About 1970, a large group of Geauga County residents split off to form The Greasy Hubs, which was later shortened to just The Hubs, thus explaining the origin of our name. Since that time, our dances have been held in the Geauga County area.
As a club member, you will enjoy a friendship with other members and have an opportunity to participate in many club-sponsored activities such as banner raids, retrievals, demonstrations and the enjoyment of dancing together. Dances are organized to be self-supporting, hopefully eliminating the need for other fund-raising activities.
     An attempt is made to keep work at a minimum. As members, however, we must all share in certain responsibilities and duties. There is set up and clean up at dances, which goes quickly when done by many, but becomes work when left to a few. Club members are expected to volunteer a minimum of twice a year to serve refreshments. The food itself is provided by every member attending. We all relied on angels at our lessons, so you will readily understand why we encourage members to angel for our classes. Business meetings provide a forum for ideas and suggestions to promote our club.
     We hope you will join The Hubs. See you around the square!

Fees: Option 1: Annual dues of $45.00 per person includes admission to all dances, except student dances.
Option 2: Annual dues of $20.00 per person, plus $ 3.00 admission to each Hubs dance makes you a member in good standing.

Membership Application

I (we),__________________________________________________ make application for membership to The Hubs Square Dance Club. I (we) understand and agree to pay the annual membership dues according to the term agreed to by the membership. I (we) also agree to maintain the standards of the club and to participate fully in the operation of the club.

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